Studies Suggest 15% Of All Pregnancies End In Miscarriage, Warn Support Networks Are “Inconsistent”

CNN (4/26, Hunt) reports three new studies published in The Lancet on Monday found 15% of all pregnancies, 23 million total, “end in miscarriage every year,” but warn that “existing care and support for women and couples is ‘inconsistent and poorly organized.’” Researchers also suggested the “actual number of cases is likely ‘considerably higher,’ as many miscarriages are managed at home and go unreported or they are undetected.” Siobhan Quenby, one of 31 experts that contributed to the studies, said in a statement that “this is not good enough, and we must ensure women are properly supported.”

“Miscarriage is a devastating and silent heartache. Patients/couples are affected in different but profound ways. This is why we are committed to offering the most comprehensive and advanced evaluation and management for patients who experience pregnancy losses. We uniquely provide a fellowship trained Reproductive Immunology specialist, Giovanni Jubiz, MD, PhD, who specializes in miscarriage and failure of embryo implantation. At Fertility CARE: The IVF Center, we are your partner along your journey toward building a family.”

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